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Terms & Conditions

The terms are agreed between you and Paola Victoria Rivera Gómez, the same shall govern our rights and obligations; the conditions, limitations and requirements herein may be updated from time to time, establishing on the website the base date with the latest modifications. By placing an order, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions, so please read them carefully.

Orders (leather goods and accessories).

The purchase and shipping process is semi-automated through the website, this means that all information, availability, shipping and delivery of products marketed through this portal are only estimates. When you place your order, a message will be sent to you confirming only the receipt of your order. In the event that, during the processing of the order in question, the requested product is no longer available, the charge will not be made and if it happens, you will be refunded immediately that amount by making the appropriate notice via email.

If the product is available at the published price, an email will be sent to the registered address confirming the transaction with the data broken down by price, shipping costs, product description and courier guide. In the event that the information provided in the confirmation is not correct, you must send an email to the address with the considerations deemed necessary to adjust the order, such adjustments can only be made on personal data, requested models, quantity of product or shipping address, under no circumstances can purchase cancellations be made. The correction of data must be made within a maximum period of 24 hours from the receipt of the mail with the purchase order and the described summary. 

To place the order, Paola Victoria Rivera Gómez, uses third party services such as Operadora PayPal de México S. de R. L. de C. V. and Stripe Payments Mexico, S. de R.L. de C. V., so by accepting this agreement you are also considering their terms of use or service contracts, as appropriate, which may differ in terms of their validity or content, depending on the time in which your purchase order is placed.

When analyzing the order, we will look for typical behaviors of purchase of the products, so that products or multiple orders that are deemed aimed at abusing any technical failure or improper offer of the website, will be reduced, canceled or adjusted unilaterally, a situation that will be communicated through the order confirmation. 

All products include VAT.

All VISA and Mastercard cards are accepted as payment methods, as well as the PayPal service.

Shipping policies.

Paola Victoria Rivera Gómez does not have a particular parcel service, so it uses UPS, Estafeta, DHL and Fedex as intermediaries, which will deliver your orders, so the shipments are subject to their policies of use and conditions of service. By making the purchase you accept these limitations, which are constituted independently by each company, fully recognizing that Paola Victoria Rivera Gomez has no influence over them. 

When the address for the shipment of the merchandise, purchased through the website, is located outside the United Mexican States, the management of the export customs declaration and expenses derived from its transfer will be covered by the customer, making him/her aware of such circumstance in the purchase order, so the particular courier company is authorized to perform such activities necessary to procure the delivery of the products purchased. 

Likewise, the delivery time of the merchandise depends on the level of demand of the courier service provider and its handling of the products. Paola Victoria Rivera Gómez will send you the tracking guide in the order confirmation for you to consider the estimated delivery time. Ordinarily it is 3 to 5 days for domestic shipments and 8 to 10 days for international shipments, but this time range may vary due to the conditions stated here or other conditions beyond your control. Any order that is confirmed after 3:00 p.m. will be counted as official delivery time from the following day.

Refund Policy. Warranty

Once the payment has been accepted by the website, orders cannot be cancelled. If we do not have the product that has already been accepted by the website, we will proceed to offer a product of the same value or its redemption in credit in the online store.

Our products are handmade, that is why the colors may vary as well as the measures may vary from 3 to 5 mm approximately.

All products marketed through the website are guaranteed for a period of 10 working days, counted from the date of payment confirmation. The warranty applies against manufacturing defects and implies the replacement of the product with an identical one or one of the same value, at the customer's choice. 

To make the warranty effective it is necessary that you send an email to with the subject "warranty" and your order number. In the body of the mail you must indicate what is the damage of the purchased product or the breakdown that you notice, in the same way you must attach photographs to warn of the defect or failure. Your request will be answered within a maximum period of 3 working days and you will be informed if it proceeds or not, it is also possible that you may be asked for more data or information to complete the process, renewing the period of 3 working days each time. To make the exchange the product must be in its original packaging with its accessories and the corresponding guide. 

The shipping costs of the defective product will be paid by the customer and in the claim process you must let us know the tracking number to track the defective product. Once we receive the piece and confirm its bad condition, we will send you a replacement product whose shipping cost will be absorbed by Paola Victoria Rivera Gómez and will not generate any charge.

The warranty does not apply if the product was given a use different from the one intended according to its design, if it shows marks of abuse, the application of chemical solvents or any other manipulation that allows to establish an intentional damage in its integrity and different from the one derived from its manufacturing process. 

There is a possibility that the packaging or packing used by the contracted courier companies may show damage, therefore, before accepting the delivery, you are requested to inspect the package and document with a photograph its condition in order to detect any damage to the shipment, other than the manufacturing or manufacturing of the purchased product, in order to make the corresponding claims with the courier service providers. 

Returns and exchanges are not accepted for products purchased through channels other than

No returns or exchanges are accepted on clearance and/or outlet merchandise.

&crime does not make monetary refunds, it only makes exchanges of the same product, if the product has not been accepted by the website, it will be offered in the online store.

Information requested.

In order to place an order, it is necessary that you provide the following information in the fields provided in the website format: 

  1. Full name, father's last name, mother's last name.
  2. Billing address, delivery address (street, exterior number, interior number, floor, neighborhood, zip code, city, municipality or delegation and state), as well as references to facilitate delivery (cross streets, neighboring establishments, monuments, etc.).
  3. Contact telephone number
  4. E-mail address
  5. Credit or debit card number
  6. Cardholder of the card used for the purchase
  7. Security code of the card in question
  8. Validity of the card 
  9. If applicable, Paypal account through which the payment is made.

Updated: Friday, February 02, 2024.